The Method of the Dragon Is Bruce Lee’s Spaghetti Martial Arts Western


dragon’s method was launched in 1972 and was the directorial debut of martial arts stars Bruce Lee, The movie facilities round Tang Lung (Lee), a younger martial artist, when he involves Italy to assist his cousins ​​who’re at present being threatened by the native mafia. In some ways, the movie is about two very completely different cultures at struggle with one another. Nevertheless, the movie additionally presents itself as a struggle towards genres because it pits the tropes and premise of Hong Kong martial arts movie towards the type and motifs of traditional Italian spaghetti westerns. Bruce Lee takes the movie as a possibility to satire and ape style staples akin to sergio leoneGreenback Trilogy to indicate which style in the end reigns supreme.

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The obvious instance of that is current within the motion of the movie. whereas dragon’s method Focuses on hand-to-hand combat scenes, Tang Lung additionally has to cope with a number of gun-toting gangsters. In fact, it looks as if an unfair match at first. A protracted-range weapon versus a pair of Fury’s short-range fists. Nevertheless, Tang Lung speaks of the straightforward disarming of the mobsters within the motion sequences by taking their weapons out of their fingers earlier than they’ve an opportunity to shoot them. It calls again to traditional spaghetti westerns akin to greenback equal (and even the comical attract of a. fortunate Luke comedian) the place heroes routinely disable their enemies by taking pictures weapons out of their opponents’ fingers.

The character of Tang Lung is indebted to the titular character of the illustration. enzo barbonic1970’s western they name me trinity, Each Trinity and Tang are characters who, of their introductory scenes, are introduced as faceless and uncivilized nobles to make the viewers underestimate their talents. In Tang’s first scene he arrives at an Italian airport and instantly appears out of his depth. Locals consider him as a local nerd as a result of he can’t communicate the native language fluently, and the one factor that consistently involves his thoughts is the placement of the closest toilet. Equally, Trinity is first launched as a grimy drifter who enters a bar in the course of the desert and proceeds to order nothing to eat however a full plate of beans. , taken immediately from the pan wherein they had been cooked. In each situations, the stainless movie lead’s conduct leads the viewer to falsely imagine every character’s inexperience. It turns into extra gratifying when the stated expertise unfolds in motion sequences.

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Nevertheless, the largest debt of Lee’s movie when it comes to resemblance is to Sergio Leone. as soon as within the west, This comparability is very evident when one notes the similarities between the plots of every movie. leone film Follows the traditional western story of a lone gunman who’s in peril (on this case, a widow who’s being pressured to promote her land) who involves assistance from a small local people. dragon’s method Equally following Tang borrows from this construction as he protects a small restaurant from a grasping mob proprietor who desires to purchase their property. Moreover, through the last efficiency of the movie on the Roman Colosseum between Tang and world-renowned martial artist Colt (Chuck Norris), sections of ennio morriconerating from as soon as within the west embroiled in a whole confrontation. What drives all of it house is how Lee is borrowing from classics which have come earlier than him to create one thing fully completely different whereas enjoying with acquainted territory.

Lee is basically doing the other John Sturgess accomplished with the magnificent Sevena movie that was a remake of the western style Akira Kurosawa epic seven samurai, As an alternative, Lee is taking the type of an Previous Hollywood Western that’s already topic to cross-cultural pollination by means of Spaghetti Westerns and translating it as soon as once more by means of the eyes of a Hong Kong martial arts movie. All of it serves to indicate how fluid each the style and the story are. Style could be framed in a narrative, however it’s not married to that singular type. By making a martial arts movie with a spaghetti western pastiche, Lee reveals how versatile the notion of the style could be.

dragon’s method This 12 months turns 50, and it is exceptional how good it nonetheless is. Its motion is exact and spectacular, it is remarkably enjoyable, and it options one last battle between two legends of the martial arts that deserves to be believed. By viewing the movie by means of the prism of a faux spaghetti Western, an entire new which means could be added to the martial arts traditional. central argument of dragon’s method Comes down to 1 level: By no means deliver a gun to a fist.


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