How many individuals reside in a political democracy right now?


How many individuals reside in a political democracy right now?

Governments are available in all sizes and styles, however they will finally be divided into two broad classes: democracies and autocracies.

Utilizing knowledge from the Governance of the World Classification System and the V-DEM, developed by political scientists Anna Luhrmann, Markus Tannenberg, and Staffan Lindbergh, it has been estimated that 2.3 billion Individuals – about 29% of the worldwide inhabitants – would reside in a democracy in 2021.

In distinction, 71% of the folks lived below an autocratic rule. In truth, the variety of folks believed to be dwelling below a type of autocracy is the very best prior to now three a long time.

To see how this division has modified over time, chart our world in Knowledge, which makes use of knowledge from the above sources, to make clear how many individuals have lived for the reason that 18th century in political democracy versus lived below autocracy.

Types of political democracy and autocracy

First, let us take a look at the 4 forms of political regimes proven within the chart, based mostly on the classification standards of Luhrmann et al. (2018):

  • Liberal Democracy: The chief govt, within the judicial and legislative branches, oversees the rule of regulation and private liberty.
  • Electoral Democracy: maintain multiparty actually Elections which are free and honest, with an elected govt, and institutional democratic liberties equivalent to the suitable to vote, honest elections, and freedom of expression.
  • Electoral autocracy: grasp actually Election; Democratic requirements are missing and unregulated.
  • Closed autocracies: There isn’t a election for chief govt or no significant competitors exists.

It is very important be aware that it is a pretty strict and particular classification system. Many international locations think about themselves to be electoral democracies or try to look as one, however are nonetheless thought to be autocracies based mostly on this criterion.

Utilizing this classification scheme, 34 international locations may be thought of liberal democracies, 55 are electoral democracies, 60 are electoral autocracies, and 30 are autocracies closed at first of 2022.

Individuals of over 200 years dwelling in a political democracy

Many political programs world wide have undergone apparent modifications over the previous two centuries, however they’ve shifted considerably within the final decade as properly.

In 2010, the worldwide inhabitants was roughly 50/50 break up between democratic and autocratic regimes. Since then, there was a transparent pattern in the direction of autocracy.


% Democracy

% autocracy

2021 29.3% 70.7%
2010 50.4% 49.6%
2000 53.6% 46.4%
1990 41.4% 58.6%
1980 34.1% 65.9%
1970 34.9% 65.1%
1960 35.2% 64.8%
1950 18.1% 81.9%
1940 10.4% 89.6%
1930 17.9% 82.1%
1920 12.0% 88.0%
1910 3.7% 96.3%
1900 3.6% 96.4%
1890 3.5% 96.5%
1880 3.5% 96.5%
1870 0.4% 99.6%
1860 0.3% 99.7%
1850 0.2% 99.8%
1840 0.0% 100.0%
1830 0.0% 100.0%
1820 0.0% 100.0%
1810 0.0% 100.0%
1800 0.0% 100.0%

Be aware: Lacking governance knowledge isn’t included

Though fashionable democracies have their roots in Europe and america within the 1700s and 1800s, governments have solely not too long ago been in a position to verify the packing containers of the stringent democratic norms outlined above.

In accordance with the information, liberal democracy And electoral democracy Solely within the 1850s did it emerge in Switzerland and Australia, and in France within the 1870s after the Franco-Prussian Conflict.

After each world wars, there was a rise within the variety of democracies on this planet, spreading to components of Europe, Latin America and Asia. After the Chilly Conflict, international locations in Japanese Europe additionally adopted democracy, whose whole inhabitants is proven within the desk under.


liberal democracy

electoral democracy

electoral autocracy

closed autocracy

2021 1.05b 1.25b 3.51b 2.05B
2010 1.16b 2.34b 1.75b 1.70b
2000 1.06b 2.22b 1.02b 1.82b
1990 865.52 M 1.33b 999.81M 2.12b
1980 722.40M 796.11M 957.93M 1.97b
1970 632.53M 655.49M 439.89M 1.96b
1960 334.08M 730.90M 528.14M 1.43B
1950 217.75M 239.01M 306.07M 1.76b
1940 74.46M 156.01M 113.89M 1.87b
1930 89.64M 274.29M 67.96M 1.60B
1920 70.22M 152.50M 275.10M 1.36b
1910 20.74M 41.46M 261.16m 1.34B
1900 13.70M 40.82M 222.36M 1.25b
1890 6.00M 40.19M 179.48M 1.11b
1880 5.03m 38.73M 158.42M 1.05b
1870 4.41M 0 188.65M 992.35M
1860 3.80M 0 83.33M 1.08b
1850 2.38M 0 113.98M 1.03b
1840 0 0 62.01M 1.04B
1830 0 0 47.54M 986.50M
1820 0 0 37.75M 921.85M
1810 0 0 25.74M 847.04M
1800 0 0 22.00M 805.81M

Be aware: Lacking governance knowledge isn’t included

However, it’s estimated that 5.5 billion folks reside in autocratic international locations.

electoral autocracy 3.5 billion or approx. with, make up nearly all of this whole 45% of right now’s international inhabitants. Since 2019 Russia, Turkey and Venezuela are thought of electoral autocrats, in addition to India.

closed autocracy are the second commonest, and over the previous decade, the variety of closed autocracies has elevated from 25 to 30 international locations.

One report estimates that 20% European international locations, together with Hungary, Greece, Poland and Croatia, have gotten autocrats by 2021.

change within the political system

Which international locations grow to be extra autocratic in 2021, and why?

The coup that overthrew a authorities in energy performed a giant half behind the latest autocratic modifications. Of the 5 coups in 2021, 4—Chad, Mali, Guinea and Myanmar—are categorised as closed autocracies. In the meantime, Nigeria, Tunisia and El Salvador have been categorised as electoral autocracies.

In the meantime, Austria, Portugal, Ghana and Trinidad and Tobago shifted from liberal democracies to electoral democracies, as transparency of legal guidelines and enforcement was decreased.

Transferring in the wrong way, each Armenia and Bolivia started to be categorised as democracies in 2021.

present constraints

Consolidating the present shift to autocracy is growing polarization world wide. Analysis exhibits that political polarization is linked to democratic decline. Since 1950, 26 out of 52 Examples of nations dealing with deep polarization embody their democracies downgraded.

Additionally, misinformation reinforces polarization. With democratic establishments dealing with adversity, it isn’t clear whether or not the present autocratic tendencies will proceed.

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